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Tree Preservation: Ways to Take Care of Your Trees

Tree Preservation: Ways to Take Care of Your Trees

Trees are not only a menacing part of our community, but they also provide us with fresh air, shade, green foliage and relaxing ambiance around our property. Not only do trees provide our planet with oxygen, but they also keep our planet clean and fresh. Despite of your great effort to maintain the health of your tress, there will still come a time where the trees around your home/area will become susceptible to rotting and breakage due to aging, infestation, in event of storm, disease or other environmental factors. A lot of care is needed to ensure that the infestation of disease will not spread and totally destroy your trees.

Putting off or ignoring tree care is never a good idea. For one, neglecting the importance of tree care can place your property and personal health in jeopardy. Without proper attention, limbs, branches or the tree itself could become weak and fragile, thus even causing tremendous damage to your property once not properly treated. Before the tree surrounding your property could bring havoc to your home/surroundings, you have to treat them immediately with proper tree care method. To help you maintain a green and healthy tree, below are some of the methods that you can follow to extend its life:

Regular Mulching

Getting a regular mulching is one of the best step to protect your tree from further damages. Having a good garden mulch on a regular or weekly basis and spreading some around the base of the tree will not only help you provide a natural fertilizer for your tree, but it will also protect its soil from getting infested by weeds or other destructive plants that may affect its growth. Furthermore, as the mulch breakdown, it imparts important nutrients into the soil, which on the other hand, will be consumed by the tree for its own food production. When mulch begin to decompose, it will encourage macro-organism in the soil area (such as worms), which also helps feed trees in return.

Applying Fertilizer

Just like our body, trees also need to consume essential nutrients to ensure their healthy growth. To do this, you should select a good, all around fertilizer to maintain the strength and health of your tree. But before purchasing for specific kind of fertilizer, you have to seek for the right product that is suited for your tree species. Surely, you don’t want to end up destroying your tree just because you purchased the wrong product. If you don’t have any knowledge of which one to buy, it’s better to seek for the expert of tree care specialist to help you out on buying the right product.

Soil Loosening

Trees also require that the soil underneath their surface are strong to keep them held up. However, over time, places like tree farm or orchard are becoming compact thus preventing water and air from seeping in the soil’s deepest level. So to give a good flow of air and water to the surface, monthly or weekly soil loosing is needed.

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