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Best Tree Preservation Practices for a Homeowner’s Perspective

If you are planning to remodel or build a new house, there are important things, which you have to consider before starting the construction project. Generally, home remodeling or constructing is a huge project that will have a great impact to plants particularly on trees.

Shrubs and trees are often visible on most residential areas because they enhance the appearance and overall aesthetic value of the property. Sadly, trees that have been a part of house’s permanent landscape are often damaged during construction because of not practicing preventive measure and this will keep them alive and healthy until the project is completed.

For homeowners who are planning to make changes on their property, here are tree care practices that are effective for preserving the life of the trees in your yard.

  • Hire a tree care expert

When you are thinking to renovate your house and do some changes on the construction, consulting a tree care specialist will help reduce the damage that the project can have on the plants. As the landowner, you must build partnership with an expert on the endeavor who will assist you in planning carefully and cautiously regarding the essential things to do with the trees prior and after the construction. Getting valuable advices from a forester will save you from any trouble once the project commenced. Tree specialists are knowledgeable about evaluating the health of the plant, ways of treating them and many more.

  • You should plan ahead

Planning will save you money and time. Developing a structured protection plan prior to the construction project can save you from getting headaches especially when things are not going the way you expected. On the plan, you will be required to create boundaries on the construction zone. There has to be a site development plan that you will make the builders informed. Make an inventory on the number of trees on the site and choose those that you will save for the construction. Protect those that you choose to save.

  • Monitor the ongoing construction project

Periodically, you must visit the site to inspect the site to see how the construction is going according to plan. You will have to check on the trees and never allow them to be stressed with water. Once in a while, the trees need to be watered and be treated if there are any damage caused to them. You can help minimize the impact of the construction to the trees as simple as monitoring them. As the construction continues, the soil will be drained and cause the trees to wither. In this case, it will help a lot if you will constantly monitor the ongoing activity to prevent the trees from getting severe damage out of the existing construction project.

Homeowners who are after improving the aesthetic value of their property have to observe those tree preservation practices that will save a number of trees during the construction. As much as necessary, they need to pay a closer attention to saving the trees while thinking about beautifying their home.

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