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Saving a Single Tree Saves Millions of People

Saving a Single Tree Saves Millions of People

Climate change is now a huge problem not just by the leaders but also all of the peoples in the whole world. Everyone has a part in dealing with this unsolved and never be solved phenomenon. All we can do is to do things right like trees preservation, tree cultivation and tree care. This simple thing will not maximize climate change and global warming.

In preserving or saving our trees, there are simple things or steps to follow such as:

  • Understand the use of trees to us. If we really understand the use of trees to us, we can be able to save trees. First thing, because of trees we can breathe. Second thing, during summer, we can stay under its boughs for us not to feel the sultriness and others. Once we know all things that trees can give to us we will be ready to do tree care, etc.
  • Be aware of the local laws or ordinances about tree preservation, tree cultivation or tree care in simple words. Knowing local ordinances will allow us to be familiar on the tree species that need to be protected. In addition, we will also know the trees to be cut.
  • We have to open our eyes with what we see in the reality. If we see some people who are cutting trees down, we have to ask them why they are doing that way, and if the cutting of trees is legal. If it is not, we have to inform the right institution or organization so that those individuals will be punished accordingly.
  • Do the things you can in saving trees. Remember if there is a will, there is a way. So if you want to save mother earth, and if you want other generations to use the resources that our mother earth can give, do everything you can.
  • Get involved in planting trees. Planting trees is very salient to us. It is a need that should always be done. And bear in mind that a tree can save millions of people from climate change or global warming. To make it more specific, disasters like typhoons.
  • Change your bad habits. If you are using a lot of papers, tissues and other products that are made from trees, you have to change your habit. By that, you can save a tree from cutting down.
  • Purchase a reusable mug. If you want to save your money in simple ways, you can buy a mug that can be used for such a long time. You are not just saving small amount of money but you are also saving our mother earth.
  • Since there are many things that cannot be done without using papers, you have to search for something paperless like in your electric bills. Mostly, Electric Corporation has a paperless electric bill so all you have to do is to search for their website.

Thus, tree preservation, tree cultivation, or tree care can be done by all of us. We have to be fast in doing possible solutions. We have to do it now not tomorrow because it may be too late. As being said, “Saving a single tree saves millions of people.”

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