Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Sasha and i’m from Birmingham.

Preserving the land we live in has been a big part of my life from the age of 6, i believe that any form of life including trees should live on this earth we equal rights and i will not rest till i see this day.

I was born on this planet to make it a better place by creating a peace between humans and nature.

I hope my posts give you some value that you can take away with you and share with the world.


Tree Removal Experts

Tree surgery is a tree care service that provides specialist tree maintenance and removal services. Tree surgeons use specialized tools and techniques to ensure safe tree care. The tree surgeon can safely access difficult-to-reach tree branches, helping keep your trees healthy. tree surgeons in Wolverhampton are experienced at assessing the health of trees and providing the necessary treatments to maintain their longevity.

Most tree surgeons will assess the condition of the tree before tree costs are made and before any work begins; this includes examining the root system, branches, leaves, bark, and overall structure of the tree. They may also make recommendations for pruning or other corrective measures if needed. If a tree needs to be removed due to damage or disease, they can do so safely using specialised equipment and tree felling techniques. Continue reading Tree Removal Experts

Tree Care Services

Birmingham Tree Care Services: Essential Service for Landscape and Environment Beautification

Trees are considered as one of the most significant elements for the beautification of environment in any region. Plants are integral parts of the streets, parks and buildings. The presence of the properly groomed trees and plants can create a rejuvenating feeling, which can enhance a healthy feeling and create an aura of pure neatness.

Luckily, with the help of Birmingham tree care service, we will be offered a respite from our very hectic life by making our place look playful and visually appealing. In addition to the aesthetics, plants and trees are the main attributes of global drive for a green living wherein the people, building and environment can work together and live in harmony, where no one is harmed or endangered. Continue reading Tree Care Services

Best Tree Preservation Practices for a Homeowner’s Perspective

If you are planning to remodel or build a new house, there are important things, which you have to consider before starting the construction project. Generally, home remodeling or constructing is a huge project that will have a great impact to plants particularly on trees.

Shrubs and trees are often visible on most residential areas because they enhance the appearance and overall aesthetic value of the property. Sadly, trees that have been a part of house’s permanent landscape are often damaged during construction because of not practicing preventive measure and this will keep them alive and healthy until the project is completed.

For homeowners who are planning to make changes on their property, here are tree care practices that are effective for preserving the life of the trees in your yard.

  • Hire a tree care expert

When you are thinking to renovate your house and do some changes on the construction, consulting a tree care specialist will help Continue reading Best Tree Preservation Practices for a Homeowner’s Perspective

Saving a Single Tree Saves Millions of People

Saving a Single Tree Saves Millions of People

Climate change is now a huge problem not just by the leaders but also all of the peoples in the whole world. Everyone has a part in dealing with this unsolved and never be solved phenomenon. All we can do is to do things right like trees preservation, tree cultivation and tree care. This simple thing will not maximize climate change and global warming.

In preserving or saving our trees, there are simple things or steps to follow such as: Continue reading Saving a Single Tree Saves Millions of People

Tips On Tree Preservation, Tree Cultivation and Tree Care

Tips on Tree Preservation, Tree Cultivation, and Tree Care

These days, governments around the world have united to call on everyone to help conserve the environment to be able to adapt to the climate change. Among the things that people can do to help minimize the effects of this phenomenon is to join force and actuate a tree preservation, tree cultivation, and/or tree care project. Such activity will ensure that the earth will have more trees in the near future to combat the continuous heating of the planet and thus the world. The more trees there is the more oxygen the earth will have, the more water the earth will retain, and the more shade and food there is for everyone.

For the ordinary people, tree preservation or tree cultivation or tree care is actually an easy task. Here are some tips Continue reading Tips On Tree Preservation, Tree Cultivation and Tree Care

Tree Preservation: Ways to Take Care of Your Trees

Tree Preservation: Ways to Take Care of Your Trees

Trees are not only a menacing part of our community, but they also provide us with fresh air, shade, green foliage and relaxing ambiance around our property. Not only do trees provide our planet with oxygen, but they also keep our planet clean and fresh. Despite of your great effort to maintain the health of your tress, there will still come a time where the trees around your home/area will become susceptible to rotting and breakage due to aging, infestation, in event of storm, disease or other environmental factors. A lot of care is needed to ensure that the infestation of disease will not spread and totally destroy your trees. Continue reading Tree Preservation: Ways to Take Care of Your Trees